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One pebble tossed in the water can create ripples that go far. I launched Ripple – Peace Research & Consulting, LLC to help mission-driven organizations become more effective when working in situations of social and political conflict, injustice and fragility. Ripple serves in every region of the world, and close to home in the USA.

As Principal Consultant, I bring 20 years of experience to Ripple’s strategy, monitoring, evaluation and learning services, including customized support for faith-based and interreligious approaches. I am serious about working in ways that put local people first and respect the uniqueness of their contexts. My working languages are English and Spanish. For more information, please see my bio.

Context-Driven Strategy Development

Conflict-affected contexts can be baffling.  A strong strategy begins with an analysis of the context, as a foundation for determining how to influence change. I focus on large-scale analysis through expertly facilitated participatory processes. Where appropriate, I incorporate responsiveness to the key global themes of identity-based conflict, gender, climate and migration. Applications include humanitarian, development, advocacy, human rights and peacebuilding strategies.

Approaches and Tools:

  • Conflict Systems Analysis
  • Making Sense of Turbulent Contexts
  • Integration of conflict sensitivity and peace practice in initiatives focused on other sectors
  • Training of analysis and strategy facilitators

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Peace and Justice

My monitoring, evaluation and learning work focuses on initiatives that aim for justice or peace, building squarely on my thematic expertise. The emphasis is on utilization-focused approaches that support organizational learning and adaptation, particularly in complex or conflict-affected contexts. Applications cover a wide range of evaluative learning projects on themes such as inter-ethnic collaboration, interreligious action, and rights-based advocacy.  

Approaches and Tools:

  • Collaborative Action Research
  • Case Study Research
  • Outcome Harvesting – as an alternative to results-based management in complex contexts or participant empowerment programs
  • Outcome Harvesting + Attitude Change – as an adaptation for projects in which inner growth or transformation is an essential component of program success, spearheaded with Tearfund and Peace Catalyst International
  • Other Qualitative Methods – interviews, focus groups, qualitative and mixed-method surveys, coding, participatory data analysis and interpretation

Customized Support for Faith-Based and Interreligious Action

When partners request it, I tailor my services to fit the motivations and rhythms of the faith-based sector. This always requires an understanding of religious perspectives as central to justice and peace. In some cases, it also requires attention to the unique needs of small, hyperlocal teams. I have a track record of adapting industry-standard approaches for successful use within interreligious action organizations. On average, half of Ripple’s partners are faith-based.

If you’d like to explore collaboration, please contact me here to start a conversation. Many thanks!