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One pebble tossed in the water can create far-reaching ripples. My aim is to help service organizations maximize positive impact in contexts affected by social conflict and injustice. Recent examples include:


Participatory research for peacebuilding innovation

  • Understanding the collective impact of inter-agency peace advocacy networks
  • Assessing the risks and opportunities of ‘countering violent extremism’ approaches
  • Training of facilitators for collaborative and action research methodologies

Context-sensitive planning, monitoring & evaluation

Advisory support for faith-based and interreligious approaches

  • Mid- and end-of-project evaluations, for interreligious peacebuilding initiatives
  • Adapting secular programing tools for use by faith-based and multi-faith groups
  • Enhancing understanding of faith-based approaches through writing – e.g. Making Peace with Faith: The Challenges of Religion and Peacebuilding

If you’re interested in exploring collaboration, please contact me here to start a conversation about your organization and your work. Many thanks!