Sample Projects

Context-Driven Strategy Development

  • Conflict Systems Analysis for human rights strategy development in México and Colombia (with the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation).
  • Making Sense of Turbulent Contexts analysis for humanitarian, development and advocacy strategy worldwide (with World Vision, CARE and Oxfam).
  • Guidance note on integrating gender sensitivity into the Do No Harm conflict sensitivity framework (with Kvinna Till Kvinna, under CDA Collaborative Learning Projects).
  • Conflict analysis training for the Organization for American States and CARICOM, via the EU Global Crisis Room Support Programme (under CDA Collaborative Learning Projects).
  • Conflict sensitivity guidance note series on humanitarian, stabilization and other interventions under the UN Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (with the UN Development Program and House of Peace).

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) for Peace and Justice Initiatives

  • Utilization-focused evaluation of the Swiss Culture and Religion in Mediation (CARIM) Program 2011-2020, using Outcome Harvesting + Attitude Change (with Switzerland’s Federal Department of Foreign Affairs).
  • Summative evaluation of Capacity for Inter-Religious Community Action (CIRCA) Phase II in Kenya and Niger, with learnings on the integration of community development and interreligious peacebuilding (with Catholic Relief Services).
  • Formative outcomes-focused evaluation of interreligious peacebuilding in Northern Iraq, plus remote coaching for Outcome Harvesting evaluation in Egypt, both of which aimed to refine theories of change and MEL tools for use across the Middle East (with Tearfund). 
  • Outcome Harvest-based research on the contribution of civil society advocacy to strengthening the social contract in six highly fragile, conflict-affected contexts, including foci on gender-based violence and extractive industries in South Sudan (with Cordaid).
  • ‘Critical friend’ mid-project review and final Outcome Harvesting + Attitude Change evaluation to support Southeast Asia: Advancing Inter-Religious Dialogue and Freedom of Religion or Belief (with the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers).
  • Summative evaluation of Muslim-Christian peacebuilding in Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Philippines, to inform next-phase global strategy (with Catholic Relief Services).
  • Case study on success factors in collective impact through peace advocacy networks (with Mindanao Peaceweavers and CDA Collaborative Learning Projects).
  • Guidance note on MEL for effective interreligious action (with the Alliance for Peacebuilding and Search for Common Ground, under CDA Collaborative Learning Projects).

We began by seeking a consultant to help us evaluate our pilot project in Iraq…Michelle was a great ally from the beginning, helping to think through possibilities despite our lack of experience in peacebuilding evaluation, and drawing out the best possible methodologies…Through Michelle’s inquisitiveness, attention to detail, always asking the right question and ability to analyse, consolidate and draw out threads of information, we were able to both evaluate our project and begin looking at new methodologies…The second significant collaboration has resulted in a Toolkit on Outcome Harvesting + Attitude Change… a qualitative process that we can use in evaluating our softer programming within Tearfund. 

– Mariam Tadros, Co-Lead Fragile States Unit & Peacebuilding Specialist, Tearfund, 2020

Customized Support for Faith-Based and Interreligious Action

  • Synthesis report and consultancy team leadership for case study series on intercultural and interreligious dialog and collaboration in Nigeria, Myanmar, the Middle East and Europe (with KAICIID Dialogue Centre).
  • Innovation of MEL approaches that combine Outcome Harvesting with attitude change research for interreligious or identity-related initiatives in which inner growth or transformation is an essential component of project success (with Tearfund and Peace Catalyst International).
  • Research and advisory on opportunities, risks and mitigation for faith-based organizations considering initiatives that aim to prevent violent extremism (with multiple partners).
  • Outcome Harvesting internal formative evaluation on multi-site Christian-Muslim peacebuilding in the USA, including thematic foci on refugee engagement and human rights advocacy (with Peace Catalyst International, where I serve on the Board of Directors).

Other Applied Peace Research Projects

  • Global mapping of key regional actors in Youth, Peace and Security, with emphasis on youth-led organizations, to inform policy development (with the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency, under Saferworld).

After COVID-19 upended our original plans, Michelle gamely took on the challenge of conducting a remote evaluation across two countries, three partners, four locations, and five languages. She deftly guided the team through refining the study design, ensuring a collaborative and participatory process throughout the evaluation. Michelle kept things moving on a tight timeframe – including planning and delivering virtual training of local enumerators – while maintaining attention to detail and demonstrating flexibility when needed. While we’d been confident that she would be a good fit for the assignment given her unique expertise in interfaith peacebuilding, we were particularly pleased with the quality of the outcomes under the difficult circumstances. From Michelle’s incisive analysis and clear writing, we gained insights on overall project outcomes as well as the nuances between locations. Just as important, though, was Michelle’s ability to extrapolate from this evaluation to tease out implications for our overall portfolio. She raised important points and possible action steps related to the peacebuilding-development nexus, advocacy, gender dynamics, conflict sensitivity, and more. We will be able to apply these in future programs. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Michelle! 

– Nell Bolton, Senior Technical Advisor for Justice & Peacebuilding, Catholic Relief Services, 2021