America Discovers Columbus

I wouldn’t normally use my blog for a ‘book report,’ but every now and then comes a book that demands to be shared. One such book is 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus. Author Charles C. Mann has managed to upend the mainstream Euro-American version of history. Most of us recognize that Columbus … More America Discovers Columbus

No Time for Mukilteo

I’ve been to Mukilteo twice now. Both times, I tried and failed to make time for a visit to the lighthouse. What interests me about the Mukilteo Lighthouse is not the lighthouse at all, despite its picturesque charm. I’m interested because that lighthouse sits atop a piece of land that is also known as Point Elliott, … More No Time for Mukilteo

What’s Changed?

It’s been almost five months since I wrote a blog entry. What happened? Well, nothing, really. I simply got waylaid by a doctoral dissertation. Most PhD candidates fail to do something important while writing up their research. In my case, I failed to blog. But even while the blog was on hiatus, I have continued … More What’s Changed?

Since Time Began

A wonderful thing has happened. A friend has pointed out that I made a mistake, and this brings me great joy. I know that I, with my European-American cultural background, make many mistakes in my attempts to learn about First Nations’ history. I also know that true learning means having friends and colleagues who are … More Since Time Began


Continuing on the theme of last month’s meeting at the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, another comment offered that evening made a point about the land. A gentleman pointed out that anyone who wants to live in the Puget Sound region should show respect for the people who lived here first. “You guys are walking on … More Acknowledgment

When ‘Peace’ Hurts

Seattle is on edge following the police shooting death of John T. Williams.  Mr. Williams, a talented carver from the Ditidaht First Nation of British Colombia, was well known on the streets of Pioneer Square. Investigations are underway, but many Seattleites question whether it was necessary to fire 4 shots at a 50-year-old man with … More When ‘Peace’ Hurts