Whose Feet: Beginning the Journey

Human_foot_print_in_sandWhose feet? Whose feet walked in this place before mine did? I don’t mean yesterday or last week, as interesting as the recent past may be. I mean 150+ years ago, right here in Seattle, USA. Like all European-Americans, I know the answer. The Native American peoples, the First Nations, walked here before me. Yet I have lived 40 years without giving this issue much serious thought. Until now.

Not long ago, I returned to Seattle after 8 years of reconciliation work overseas. I returned in part because the reconciliation needs of my own country weighed heavy on my heart. I returned expecting to get involved in white-black reconciliation, and to find local outlets for my inter-faith peace work. Those expectations may indeed come to pass – I hope they do! But as I’ve prayed for my community, I’ve found a different question  lodged stubbornly in my mind. Whose feet walked in this place before mine did? Where have those people gone? And why?

I am setting out to pursue this question, and my blog is a way of sharing the journey. I can’t promise any particular outcome, just a little honestly, and a little faith. You are welcome to join me.


Photo: Artist unknown. Public domain.

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