On the record, if you ask about me, I’ll tell you that I’m an applied peace researcher and consultant based in Seattle, USA. I work with organizations operating in conflicted contexts. I focus on interreligious collaboration, and on participatory processes that put local people first. For more info, you can click over to my official bio, or to Ripple – Peace Research and Consulting.

Off the record, if you ask about me informally over coffee, that would be a lot more fun. I would tell you that I’m …

A global nomad. I’ve lived in so many places – including México, Kosovo, the Philippines and Singapore – that my identity has become global. I adopt easily to almost any culture, yet I don’t feel that I fully belong to any of them. I returned ‘home’ ten years ago to Seattle, but I still feel like an outsider looking in. I’m often confused by what I see – and I process my messy musings on my blog, where peace gets personal.

A life-long peacebuilder. I’ve had a passion for relationships between people groups since long before I knew what ‘peacebuilding’ was. That may sound noble, but I assure you it has led to just as many failures as successes. I notice the health (or unhealth) of inter-group relationships everywhere I go. My challenge is to discern which ones I should actively work on, and which ones I should simply pray for. Because I am also …

A person of faith who no longer knows what to call herself. Religious labels are tricky under the best of circumstances, and in the current political climate they are toxic. I would simply say that I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a work in progress…but that doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily in conversation. So you can call me almost anything you like, as long as it honors the Creator.

An obsessive writer. I attempted my first publication at age 8 – a limited edition called ‘Space Creeps’ as a special gift for my Dad. At best, this obsession manifests itself in my new book Making Peace With Faith: The Challenges of Religion and Peacebuilding, and in the other publications on this website. At worst, it shows up in the form of excessive to-do lists and cluttered piles of handwritten chicken scratch that even I cannot read.

A wife and step-mom. A water sports fanatic. A person who knows the grind of chronic health problems. An off-the-charts introvert. An island-dweller, at least for the time being. A girl who’d like to add poetry to her repertoire, but never finds the time.

If any of that resonates, feel free to contact me. Tell me something about yourself…either on or off the record!