Why blog? As a peacebuilder who’s moved around the world and back, I blog to make sense of my relationship with a strange place called ‘home.’ I am a global nomad – a person who has lived in so many places that their identity becomes internationalized. We global nomads adapt easily to almost any culture – yet we don’t fully belong to any of them. I returned nine years ago to Seattle, USA, but I still feel like an outsider looking in. I’m often confused by what I see.

Brent and Michelle Aug2017
At ‘home’ with my husband Brent

Nobody would have predicted this life. I grew up in a mostly mono-cultural small town. I had a few Vietnamese friends, and that was the extent of my cross-cultural experience. All of that began to change when I first visited México at age 17. A glimpse of the world through different eyes, plus a growing awareness of the God who created it all, kick-started a transformation that is still unfolding. My other homes have been México, Kosovo, the Philippines and Singapore.

I am motivated mainly by relationships between identity groups – ethnic, religious and cultural groups. I notice the health (or unhealth) of those relationships everywhere I go. So when I returned to Seattle, I was eager to re-engage all aspects of American diversity. I soon found myself compelled to face up to the epic wrongs done to our continent’s First Nations. The blog became a way to reflect on indigenous history and my own role as a European-American. The subject matter expanded over time to include other aspects of American diversity, other American problems, and my place in the whole mess.

While the blog is highly personal, there are also plenty of professional resources available on this site. Check out the new book, Making Peace with Faith, and the links to my day job via Ripple – Peace Research and Consulting. Feel free to contact me for info or conversation. Thanks for reading.