A Warning from Anne Frank

Last weekend in Amsterdam I queued up for two hours in cold weather to gain admission to the Anne Frank House museum. There was no guarantee that there would be space for me, or that my endurance would last long enough to find out. But I made it inside! It was a profound experience. I don’tContinue reading “A Warning from Anne Frank”

The Other Thing Happening in Paris – Climate Change

My chiropractor recently told me ‘There’s no guarantee that you won’t have more than one problem at a time.’ He was speaking the truth about the health of my spine. And his words are equally true when applied to the state of our world. Most people who know me assume that I am preoccupied withContinue reading “The Other Thing Happening in Paris – Climate Change”

Ferguson: No silence, no acceptance

I usually resist the urge to write about every heartbreaking event that comes along. I’m a slow blogger, and by the time I finally write something the moment has often passed.  But here’s the thing: silence sometimes looks like acceptance. So let’s talk right now about Ferguson, Missouri. This looks like complex situation in whichContinue reading “Ferguson: No silence, no acceptance”

A Conversation on Genocide and Whiteness

Jean-Baptiste, a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, wants his story told and remembered. I had the privilege to sit in his home and listen. Listen. It started with house burnings. Then cattle thefts. Then machete hacks and seven days in a pit, praying, surrounded by the dying and the dead. Ten siblings among theContinue reading “A Conversation on Genocide and Whiteness”